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240Z: Neko Publishing Fairlady Z I & II Books

Today i finally got the Japanese Neko publishing “Fairlady Volume I” & “Fairlady Volume II” Books. Two super nice hardcover books that come in an additional nice cardboard box each.

I’ve seen those books many times but somehow forgot about them until a friend reminded me about them (Shoutout to Florian!), So i had to get them, of course.
I have only flipped through them quickly so far, so have to dive deeper into them. It appears that vol 1 has a lot of background information about the development. like below shown the different prototype / development versions:

They also feature nice pictures of all variants like the HS30-H G-nose version or the PS30 (Z432), etc, where you can see all the details:

Vol. II has a lot of motorsports photos

And also shows one of the famous Z432 Highway patrol cars:

As i said, i still have to go through them in detail in the coming days, but so far, they look good in my (partial) collection of Japanese Z-related books:

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  • gerard

    These are very beautiful books with a lot of details … On the other hand it would be better to know how to read Japanese …

    There is also volume 3 which is ” The ZX Sensation ” in the same series under cardboard protection.

    Thank you for this reminder.

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