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EK9: Mugen pedal set and Honda Switzerland documents arrived

When browsing the interwebs recently, i found M-tec / Mugen Power actually still makes the Pedal set for the EK9, while most of their other EK-lineup is long discontinued. It might be that they fit a wide range of other Honda’s too and are probably cheaper to manufacture, compared to others. Nevertheless. Today i got a set, straight from Japan, as long as they’re still available:

The kit includes a genuine mugen packing, an installation manual, the three pedals for a manual transmission car, and installation hardware.

Note that the pedals are not dirty or corroded, but the strange look is because of humidity condensating, because i took the pictures after taking the pedals out of the box, straight from the ice-cold mailbox ๐Ÿ™‚
You have to love all the small little details. Beware that there are many fake-pedals around sold online as genuine Mugen units. The little details are what show you they’re genuine. Here’s a guide on how to spot the fakes

Here is an original advertizing from the Mugen Civic special catalogue (see details here, scroll down to the bottom) for the 2sports pedal kit. The part number is still the same. allthough the price is different on the back.

What else arrived lately? I got a bunch of more-or-less rare Honda Switzerland pricelist. I’m currently digitalizing those and will make a separate post dedicated to thoes soon. whatch out this space for more…

The deliveries also included an NSX-T brochure which was part of one of the deals and since i don’t need it i will put it up for sale. The 2000 Hondaย  Collection brochure was one of the pieces i had to get,

but first a look inside the NSX-T brochure:

The other is an overview catalogue from the year 2000 or so, from Honda switzerland (French language). Which includes all cars from the erea. Specially interesting. the EK4:

But you’ll also find the DC2 Integra TypeR, The S2000 AP1

And again the NSX. Nice one will end up in my EK-related documentation ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope i’ll be able to install the mugen pedals soon and watch out for a load of high-res scanned Honda switzerland pricelists here soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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