240Z Project

240Z: More NOS pieces, Competition steering wheel & Fairlady hardcover book

So yesterday i was able to pick up another lot of small NOS bits and pieces for the 240Z project from a nice german bloke, who offered them to me.

Let’s start with the obvious elephant in the room: A used original Datsun / Nissan Competition steering wheel in quite good shape (needs a little touch up, though).
Since the original Japanese “Z” logo horn button was a bit worn out, he additionally included a reproduction item:

You might remember i once had the opportunity to buy a complete reproduction steering wheel, which i still have, but the real deal is of course always better. See this link for a comparison to the original steering wheel and a bit of background information on the Compe steering wheel. The one i got now looked a bit dried out, so i thought i give it a bit of “cockpit lotion” treatment to preserve it before i put it in storage. As you can see on the towel it was quite dirty, only from rubbing a bit: Now it feels much smoother and additionally smells nice *lol*

The rest of the parts mainly consist of NOS (New-old-stock) random small bits and pieces, which are always good to have on hand when restoring a car.
I got various gaskets transmission-to-driveshaft seals and an alternator bracket in the original nice blue colour (this will come handy as a colour reference when painting the motor!)…

Also included were a Relay (or fuse?) cover, a Battery tie-down-hook, a set of drum-brake rubber seals, a clutch cylinder / piston and a set of new interieur door-handle plastic shells:

Then a few new heater control knobs, those small plastik things just below the windscreen, a few engine-bay / firewall rubber gaskets and the clutch cable rubber gasket, as well as a new nissan radiator coolant hose:

Since the seller didn’t have some of the originally listed parts anymore, he offered me a free new Japanese “Fairlady Z” Book instead. It is a kind of a mix between a high-end hardcover sales brochure and photobook:

It consists of mainly beautiful photos of the new Fairlady Z (sadly no pictures together with the older generation Z’s)

And some information about the different options, colours etc. Nice to have and put it in my lecture collection 🙂

Once again many small pieces of the puzzle collected to put the car back together.

Update: As reader Gerard pointed out there IS actually a page with the S30 gen Fairlady Z in the book. I just completely missed it when flipping through the book 🙂
Here you you see the new Z together with what appears to be a Z432 and a regular JDM Spec Fairlady Z


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