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240Z: Swiss french language brochure in + all brochures

As you might know, switzerland has four official languages. German, French, Italian and Roman. The last one is spoken by a small minority only, so most official documents are available in german, italian and french only.
Exactly like many of the early datsun documents, and so the 240Z brochures.
Today i finally got hands on a french language version 240Z brochure. It is exactly the same as the german brochure, except texts are in french:

What is also interesting is the production date: the french version is from february 1974, while the german version is from may 1972. I also just got a confirmation that a same version was printed in german in 1971.

However i also have this (grey) printed early version of the catalog from march 1971:

If you open them, they look quite similar, but with a few differences. And the red one has a complete page more, if you open it fully (see last photo in this post)

Here’s an overview of all 240Z specific swiss sales documentation i have:
Top left: Datsun 240Z Introduction (backside is Datsun 1200) catalogue, undated. French and german
Top right: Datsun 240Z catalogue, March 1971, german, see detailed version here (need to scroll down)
Bottom Left: Datsun 240Z catalogue, May 1972, german, see high-res version here
Bottom right: Datsun 240Z catalogue, February 1974, French
The top two, are early versions, which still have the US-spec car on the cover, while the lower ones already have the euro-spec car on the front:

And here are all of them opened fully, in a different order. Again the two early versions have photos of the US-spec car, while the others show non-US-spec cars.

Now the only thing missing is the italian language version of the red brochure and all other languages of the other catalogue, if they ever were produced, i have not seen yet any other language of these.

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