HISTORY: 1976 Datsun Suisse full lineup catalogue

I was on holidays for two weeks, and when i returned, i had something in my mailbox which i had ordered just before i packed my stuff and left the house.

A may 1976 Datsun (suisse) SA sales brochure. Something i haven’t seen before. Some catalogues pop up quite frequently and some are more rare but this on i haven’t seen at all yet, so i had to get it.
It is quite special for many reasons. First of all the format, which is a pretty small pocket size format versus the usual much bigger format.

Then the paper, which is just regaluar paper and not the usually used glossy brochure paper. What is also special, is that all images of cars are not photos as usual, but cool colour drawings:

If you look closer, the brochure also includes the prices in Swiss franks (Fr.) which are usually only listed in a separate pricelist and not in the catalogue itself.

And last but not least, it also includes a complete multi-page dealer list, which was usually only available in the very early catalogues, or later in separate dealer lists.

It’s nothing crazy, but just another little odd and maybe rare piece of Datsun switzerland history added to the collection 🙂

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