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240Z: Rare vintage german tuning catalogue + 1981 Sales brochure

Well, i found some interesting Datsun related documents again:

The first one is a swiss market 1981 Datsun sales brochure, with the complete lineup:

The interesting part here is that it also includes vehicles from the “Datsun undustriemaschinen” subsidiary comanpy, which are forklifts, the Datsun Homer and Urvan.

Then i found this rare Z & ZX Accessproes cataöpgie om germany. A rare Z-related vintage tuning catalogue from the early 80ies:

It features all kind of aftermarket and Official datsun competition components.

It seems like they imported the parts from  Japan directly:

The owner of the company was Andreas Günther, And it was located in Berlin.

It is 20 pages strong, and also features the OS-Giken original TC24-B1 Engine on the first page and the last one, even though it is not listed for sale in the brochure.

Quite interesting peice though and a clear evidence that a handful of people were aware of such rare items in europe back then….

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