HISTORY: Honda Civic “Hot-S”

Recently i stumbled on a vintage Honda Ad for sale online. which was called the: Honda Civic Hot “S” version. I was quite surprised to see that there was a version modified by Honda switzerland sold long before all the EK4 special versions (known as F1, Rallye and Type-S). This represents a 2nd. gen “SL” chassis
After digging a bit deeper, it seems the hatchbacks then got an additional roof and front spoiler, reclining “sports” seats, vented brake discs, additional stabilizer bars, additional racing stripes, and Aluminum wheels, etc..

To be honest i was a bit hyped to see loosely relative sports version of a civic related to my EK9 and my previously owned civic hatchbacks. The ad was only a few bucks, so i decided to get it just as a collectible. Funny enough only a week after i bought it, i saw such a Hot “S” version in real life, albeit with different wheels and inverted colour scheme, at the recent Japanclassic event

It seemed to be in absolute mint condition too, down to the two-tone seat trim. Either it was restored, or a real gem! One of those cars that are really cool and look sporty without crazy modifications, but are mostly ignored by todays Japanese classic car “enthusiasts”. I was stoked to see this one, and it seems to be in good hands, so i hope it has a long life ahead 🙂

After googling a bit, i even found more stuff for sale for the Swiss “Hot S” version, for e.g. this Promotional sticker, starring famous swiss figure ice skater Denise Bielmann. Naturally i had to bid on the sticker 🙂
The sticker seems to show the initial Hot “S” version on steel wheels, before the additional Lightweight-weels were added later by Honda Switzerland, as the above ad states.

On the back side of the flyer shown at the top, there was the adverziting for the same generation for the 5-door GLS version.

Maybe it’s just my weirdo-me, but i love stumblung into some random car related history bits like this 🙂

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