240Z Project

240Z: New weld-in cable clamps + Window roller repair kit

Despite work beeing a bit crazy and me don’t finding a lot of time to work on the cars, i at least managed to get some parts for the next steps.
First of all a set of weld-in cable clamps for the bodyshop so they can replace the old ones which became quite brittly from the many years and have been painted over several times. Some go into the engine bay and hold the original wire harness, while some go besides the seat, to hold the internal wire harness…

Then i got a window roller repair kit all the way from australia. i was not sure what to expect when i bought it on ebay, but i have to admit it seems pretty solid:

the kit comes with replacement rollers which are not 3d-printed or something but seem to be nicely cast items.

they replace the original rollers. Now i just have to find out how to peen those new pins in nicely. As you can see i defintely need new ones…


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