OTHER: Merry christmas and happy Holidays

Well, it’s that time of the year again, i guess 🙂
Dear readers. I Know blogs are a bit outdated, but after trying several  other social media and things, i still believe that blogs are the best way to represent such content.
I therefore want to thank you for following me another year and hope you enjoyed it.
2022 will definitely be a hectic year for me, like 2021 was. with some great job opportunities, which also means more responsibility there. But on the other hand i will hopefully do my federal exams in April and after that have more time for my hobbies (mostly cars) agains.
We’ll see what 2021 brings. And no matter what happens, we will somehow deal with it 🙂
I wish all my dear readers a happy holiday season with your beloved ones, a great 2022 and may santa bring you some nice parts… Cheers!

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