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GARAGE: The build is finally done!

Keen readers may have read a few times about the build of my House / Workshop and Garage. The build was about 90% complete since a while, but the missing 10% always bothered me a bit. With other priorities ahead, i decided to complete the project, so i can finally focus on my cars, my exams and my other projects. So over the course of the last few months, i spent some free hours to complete this project. and today i can finally say – IT’S DONE!
First i got myself a workshop press for some planned work:

I also set up the Sandblasting cabinet which i got a while ago:

Also got a set of ramps mounted to the lift, so i can get up easily with a low car (like my EK9):

And my father in law also gifted me a fire extinguisher. maybe not the most stupid idea in a workshop:

He also decided to (finally) add sand to the garage entrance, which is on his ground so it’s up to him how to make it. This is already much better than the previous gravel. But now i heard he’s still not happy and (finally) thinks about getting tarmac laid there. which would of course be the best solution.

I changed the switches in the workshop and garage area from conventional ones to the smarthome system (like the rest of the house):

So now i can use the integrated humidity and temperature meter in the switches to read out values (and make statistics):

These values are then used to control the massive industrial dehumidifier to keep the humidity around the perfect 55% in the garage and workshop. It took me a while and some friends to help to get the heavy dehumidifier up and all hooked up to waste-water and electricity but now it runs as it should:

Today i decided to also swap the one remaining conventional lamp for a smarthome LED lamp with integrated sensors. which brings various advantages.
Now my home is 100% smart and i really like it (Left old lamp, right new one):

Talking about lamps: i finally was able to install the (LED retrofitted) old datsun dealer sign:

Pretty neat, huh? 🙂

Picture from above, while up there to hang the lights:

The new applieances on the wall meant i had to move some of my decoration and i also got some new stuff:

Yokohama switzerland was so kind to sponsor me a nice banner, which naturally came above the tire rack:

And that’s it then. Today i spent some time to give it the final cleanup (at least a bit). and take some pictures. it’s officially done now and ready to get dirty again 🙂
1) The workshop area:

Including the soldering / electronics corner:

The parts storage room:

And the lift / Garage area:

Here from a bit further away with all my cars:

And even further back with my wife and in-laws cars:

That’s it. it was a few years with loads of planning, hard work and lots of money spent. but if i can use it for the rest of my life, it was definitely worth it all. now i can really spend time on my cars and other projects again. Super excited to get things kickstarted again 🙂

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