240Z Project

240Z: Swiss 1969 Datsun brochure & Swiss market 280ZX Catalogue

Unfortunately i’m super busy with my new job position, but i plan to return to the car projects, as soon as things calm down. On the positive side is that i can save money for some bigger tasks on the list. And even though i’m quite busy due to various circumstances, i still find time to purchse some nice documents every now and then. Today some nice swiss Datsun / Nissan Brochures arrived here from the UK:

The first one is an 1969 Swiss sales brochure, which features six cars, but only five of them are for sale

Because the 6th one is the Nissan R381 Prototype racecar listed here to show nissans efforts and success in motorsports:

The foldout leafled is written in both german and french, and on the “Backside” it features a nice picture of the Datsun Export car lineup, including utility vehicles, trucks and things like forklifts:

The other catalogue is an original Swiss market Nissan / Datsun 280ZX brochure (which features a works 240Z rallye car on the backside):

It is completely irrelevant to my project, but i plan to document the swiss Z / ZX History at one point, so i started to collect a few related documents, whenever they pop up for a reasonable price.

That’s it for now. waiting for some documents from australia while i’m busy with other stuff. But i have some nice plans on my mind, as usual. Stay tuned!

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