240Z Project

240Z: Optional passenger footrest Parts, information and restauration start

OK you might remember i got hands on a “rare” Passenger footrest the other day and then somebody made a reproduction rubber piece for it? Now i’m slowly starting to rework it. But first. I’ve ordered all the available parts from my local nissan dealer. Mainly the bolts and shims to mount it to the floor:

So, aside from the two black bolts that hold it down to the floor (which can easily be bought at any hardware store, i guess) i have now everything i need to complete another part of the puzzle:

And also had the old rubber piece removed:

And hammered out said bolts (which are sold as one piece installed on the footrest) as i plan to replace them:

Then tried to figure out the exact location of the footrest, to drill the holes into the floorpans. but i’m not sure yet…

So i tried to figure out something in the manuals. but all i found was a picture mentioning that the footrest exists, in the Japanese Service bullentin book “introduction of the S30”

But no drawing or any other information how to exactly install it. All i have to rely on are pictures, like this one below from the Motorfan January 1970 Issue (Z432 Test), or the ones posted by Kats and Alan here

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