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240Z: More rare Datsun Documents

Lately i came across a few interesting Datsun Documents again, So naturally i had to collect them:

The first one is a weird oversized Nissan KYXX Concept car brochure. I was hoping it had some information about nissan switzerland, but all it has
is this strange concept car’s information:

The second one is a super rare Swiss-made Nissan / Datsun Z book. Which tells the story about the Z. It has some rare swiss footage and photos from the early Datsun-scene in switzerland.

And is generally pretty well made. It features some nice information, which is rarely seen in the more widespread english books. It seems pretty well researched.
But just started reading it. Nice find πŸ™‚

The last one is probably the most interesting one. An 1962 Nissan Motor Co Image-brochure from Japan. No clue how it ended up in germany, but thats where i got it:

It features some unique insights into how the cars were made in 1962 at NMC, with mostly photographs from the various factories.
On the first pages you also find some production numbers and general information about the company and it’s different plants.
This is what seems to be transmission housing casting:

Various production lines:

Warehouse and spareparts:

Look at this huge Press:

Pre CAD-Design people at work:

Assembly lines, which seem already pretty laid out for modern style mass-production:

I especially liked this photo of some hard-working men in their milk-brake πŸ™‚


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