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240Z: A lot of Documents arrived

Thanks to Covid-related home-office and the fact i save an hour of driving from and to my office everyday, it seems like i have too much free time to search for Datsun related stuff… Therefore i’ve collected a lot of cool documents lately.

The first delivery consists of a lot of Colour sample charts, many marked as “For europe”. Unfortunately not Z-related, but they came for free with the rest and they’re cool nontheless…

Then i’ve got the L6 service Manual in German, which might come in handy for me, since it’s my native language…

That “Technical Training” Paper folder contains an empty Sample of a warranty report (from one dealership workshop to the Datsun switzerland headquarter) and a manual how to fill it correctly, as well as a few examples (most probably from a training at the swiss Distribution center):

Also got this Generic 1972 swiss Datsun service & warranty booklet. I really like the style of it. After every service you rip out the page and cross all the jobs done, but on the small leftovers theres a stamp and a signature of the workshop who did it.

One of the big green folders was empty, but three of them consist various technical bulletins for various cars in german / french, issued by Datsun Suisse SA / FMG. Written with a typewriter and nicely duplicated.

Two are from the early seventies and include information for the 240Z. One is from the 80ies..

The fifth folder is a Warranty Flatrate time folder, which lists various warranty flatrate times and Warranty codes for the different cars and tasks, including the 240Z and C10. It is required to fill the above mentioned warranty report.

I usually don’t collect stuff from other countries, but these American “Datsun News” Magazines from 1971 to 1974 were for sale for a nice lot-price, so i had to secure them.

The december 1971 christmas special issue has a nice comic of with the 240Z:

And a letter from “Mr. K”

One issue shows a few pages of a japanese factory tour made with american dealers in 1973:

Another one nicely shows how Datsun USA was organized back then. including the 10 (!) Car carrier ships that nissan used to operate back then:

Then i got another few documents. which included a few catalogs (they came with the pricelists i’ve posted earlier on my blog already)

But what is nice here is the 2002 Nissan Motorsports competition parts catalog (USA):

The German book About the history of Nissan. (check the picture at the bottem left,  how they used to load cars on the boat with ropes, before they had their own vessels…!)

And probably the rarest document (also not Z-related): An 1969 Datsun Switzerland press release folder, issued for the Geneva International Motor Show 1969, including price lists, car descriptions and instructions how to get a Press car for testing…

I have a few projects in the pipeline and I’m awaiting results soon, also awaiting a delivery with Parts and more Documents fom Japan, but thanks to Covid, everything is a bit delayed now. Looking forward to big news over the next weeks / months…

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