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240Z: Datsun / Nissan Motorsports schematic catalogues (free download)

Over the last days i got a few interesting documents.
The old version (left), called the “Datsun Competition parts schematic catalog” and the new version (right), Nissan Motorsports Schematic Catalog (Nissan Part No. 99996-M8015), which is a printed original one…

They’re basically exploded views and spare-parts catalogues of optional Competition parts for the american market. You’ll find MK63 brakes, solex / Mikuni Carbs, R190 Differentials, 5-speed manual transmissions and much more inside, which cannot be found in the (american market) Factory Service Manual of the standard car.

Here is the content of the old version:

Click the following link to view / download the full pdf file (scanned copy from the same version but not the one shown above:
Datsun Competition Parts SchematicCatalog-OG with WM

Here is the content of the new version:

Click here to view / download the full pdf file:
NissanMotorsportsSchematicCatalog (99996-M8015)


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