240Z: Turn signal switch & ignition switch ring painted, final assembly

Woohow! Another one of these little long-term projects finally completed.
I failed several attempts to paint the ignition-switch surrounding ring and the Turn signal switch stalk by myself. The paint would be so easy to scratch off (with fingernails) afterwards that it would immetiately look terrible once you touch it with anything hard.

So after i realized i suck at painting, i decided to hand it over to RenΓ©, the paint wizard at Autolackprofis which i know from the Honda-scene back in the days and is one of the most recognized paintshops in (and outside) switzerland. He’s also in charge of painting the car once it’s ready (if he isn’t retired by then :P) The result is stunning. We decided to go for an industrial grade paint which is stronger and more scratch resistant compared to normal car paint. Perfect πŸ™‚

So first in installed the painted ignition switch surrounding ring back to the switch:

Then started to re-assemble the turn signal switch (See previous steps here)
First installed the wire back completely with the switch contacts and the plastic spacer:

Added dielectric grease to all the contacts to make sure they will operate smoothly and contact well for a long time:

At the bottom end in added the little contact back to the spring and added dielectric grease as well.

Added the switch plastic housing and the inside mechanism back to the stalk and measured. Unpressed: Infinite Ohms (no connection)

Switch pressed: Zero Ohms (Short). That’s what the switch does. if you press it it will short the 12V applied to it to the chassis-ground. So it works perfectly (Always check before doing next steps, you will hate yourself for not doing so if you figure out once it’s installed)

Install the stalk back to the switch assembly. Since i wasn’t able to find a similar bolt used in the the original assembly, i just took a zinc plated nail in the same dimensions, cut it off and made it fit πŸ™‚

After that it’s time to get the wires back together. Don’t forget to add the heat shrinking tube before you solder…

Soldered wires back together and heat shrinking tube is shrunk to the original shape:

And secured using the small little clamp:

Think it ended up really well. checked all the functions and everything works, feels solid and looks great…

and definitely much cleaner compared to the original dusty switch, which was completely covered in old dirty grease.Β  I’m super happy to have completed another little project that took my quite some time πŸ™‚

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