240Z Project

240Z: Datsun Raid 1 steering wheel

Yesterday i got this Nice steering wheel in the mail: An Raid 1 Steering wheel with Datsun horn button.

It has been up for sale on a local platform for many months but only recently dropped quite in price, so i thought it’s worth it now. I thought the Datsun horn button was some kind of gimmick, but meanwhile i’ve seen a few of those, and also in germany, so either it was some kind of a special edition that came with a car or an aftermarket option for Datsun. I don’t know with what car it would have come with or what was it’s original intention but it looks cool nevertheless.
The colour choise and lettering is definitely not Nissan Factory, but anyway, i liked it.

It came also with a free steering wheel hub which is nice too.

On the backside you can see the “Raid 1 Made in italy” Embossing:

I mainly bought it for decoratino so i could put my watanabe falcon steering wheel back in the original box and protect it from dust. I got it a nice little clean, removed the boss and now it’s hung on the wall with all the other wheels 🙂

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