240Z Project

240Z: Small fixes at the Bodyshop

Went to unload loads of parts to the bodyshop which they need to continue work. I was expecting some progress, but they had plenty of other cars to work on, so mine got pushed back a bit again. Nothing to worry about. They still managed to fine-tune a lot of details since my last visit, they just don’t make the huge impact you expect when going there. On the first glance it all looks the same, but when you look closer you see they finished a lot of small details. Like the floorpan which they had to hammer it a bit so the original seat rail mounts would fit perfectly again and grinding down the welds again, etc.

They also closed the hole that the previous bodyshop left in the tool-tray area behind the passenger seat, but it still needs some work. At least there’s no gaping hole anymore.

On the other side, they adjusted the side sill so the door would fit flush again and finetuned some things here and there like the wire harness mounts, etc.

On the outside they also opened some areas to see how it is underneath. you can clearly see some previous repair attempts (from before i owned it). You still can see the welding lead poking out there…
Luckily the whole rear quarter and inner wheel well will be replaced. so i’m happy that all this rust and patch-ups will be gone.

Otherwise not much to see, also because the car was surrounded by stuff, so i couldn’t really get close. But no problem. I’ll visit them again soon to see more progress.
Oh and while unloading the parts into their storage area, i could catch a quick look at some of their other work in progress projects. This is only a fraction of the cool stuff you find there. Nice.

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