240Z Project

240Z: Door hinges refurbish pt. 1 and first news from the Bodyshop

When i prepared the doors for the Bodyshop, i realized that some of the hinges were worn out pretty much. So i decided to give my spare set an overhaul. it took me a while to figure out how to get the old pins out. but now i got a solution and also finally a use for my new press 🙂

The pin got a bit bent during the process, but shouldn’t be a problem:

Here’s a comparison of the old vs new pin you can clearly see some heavy wear on t he old pin:

The sleeve things were pretty worn out too and basicalyl fell apart once i touched it:

The inside was easy to get out with the right tools and a hammer:

Here we go, everything out and new ones ready to go in:

During the process i also wanted to snadblast the old hinges, but realized my compressor is way to small. Luckily my father-in-law offered me to swap mine with his bigger one:

Still could be bigger, but it works ok for small parts:

Here’s one of the door hinge parts freshly blasted:

Next? i still need to find out how i can remove the springs on the upper hinge to get the same job done there. and if i should paint the hinges first before assembly, or do it the opposite way? no hurry 🙂

And i got an update from the bodyshop too, they got the fender and door installed for alignment. and realized that one of the previous owners had the brilliant idea of smoothing (cleaning) out the body lines in the front fender, as you can see: Sommething i didn’t notice so far… damnit another thing to rectify again. well 🙂 at lest there is already a first progress.. Hope for some news again soon.

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