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240Z / EK9: New Z- & R- books for my Archives

When i was investigating my archives for the EK9 typeRX post, i realized i have some gaps in my know-how and probably should read a bit more about the EK9 and TypeR’s in general. So i looked up some good japanese Mooks (Magazine Books). At the same time i got offered some nice Books about the Datsun at only the shipping costs. Who am i to turn down such an offer? So over the last few days these here arrived one by one in my mailbox:

The Datsun book on the left is maybe a bit special, because it features an british RHD “Euro Final Spec” Car on the cover. So i thought it might be differnt from the usual US-centric or japanese Z-related books and might bring some additional information which is rarly written about. Let’s see. The one on the right side is mainly a collection of Road&Track magazine articles in a Z-Specific book. It’s always good to have some additional Information on hand and R&T is known for their serious and early analysis and tests of the export market 240Z.

Then i got some Honda TypeR / Civic TypeR specific magazine from japan. the one line the left covers all Japanese typeR’s (NSX, Civic, Integra), the center one is mainly about the then new EP3 CTR, but also has a good comparison to the EK9. Since it was only the second R-generation Civic, it covers the previous modell well too. And the third one is another Type-R Specific book by the japanese HyperRev magazine series. I have only flipped through them quickly, but i hope these books / magazines will answer some of my open questions. Let’s see.  One or another way, i will definitely have some nice reads in the coming short winter days…

PS: While reading through one of the datsun books, i found this photo (most probably of a previous book owner), stating it was taken at christmas 1998

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