240Z Project

240Z: Random parts arrived

Over the past few weeks, i collected random parts from various sellers, which were up for sale cheap or which i was looking for specifically for my build. Let’s have a closer look.

First of all, Some nice parts for the airbox restauration (Stickers and SU-carb insulators):

Then also got a bunch of OEM Bulbs for the dome light:

Had to test if my restored dome light works nicely with the new bulb, which it does. Excellent.

Found a set of Print “Cliches”- Those are basically negatives used in a print-press back in the days: Will also work nicely as stamps, if you want so 🙂

Also got this OEM NOS Brake repair kit. It only list Skylines and the Laurel C130 on the mark, but i double checked th enumber and it should also fit the S30:

Then i got two steelies, which were almost for free. I probably won’t use them on my car, but since i already had two, i have a full set now, which makes it easier to sell them, and or use them.

The Production date also fits, so that’s a pro. You can see the on ein the picture is slightly dented, but easy to repair.

Then: Got this super-wobbly OEM front spoiler. It was only 20 bucks and not sure if it is salvageble.

But i think a pro might maybe fix it with some warm temperature and bending, but let’s see. The reason why i bought it, is because it’s probably the only one which i’ve ever seen where the mounts are not Corroded (yet) inside the rubber and has bloated it up. I’m not sure yet what i’ve going to do with this, but i thought i better secure it, as those original lips have become rare. Even if i don’t need it, it makes a funky looking moustache at my garage wall 🙂

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