OTHER: HKS Turbo kit restauration (New year, new Project)

New year, new project? Nah, not really. But the turbokit i bought (which was clearly advertised as a C110 Skyline L20 Turbokit) seems to be for an L16 or L18 4-cylinder Motor as more as i research. Interest and feedback wasn’t as high as expected in it, but nevertheless i decided it’s a too nice piece of history to just have it collecting dust in the shelve. and if ever anyone want’s to buy it, i can sell it better if it’s in better condition. So i decided to have it restored as a little side-project.

So first of all, i ordered a ton of screws to replace the rusty / oxidized old ones with correct black ones again:

On my bucket list is also cleaning and re-painting the Surge tank to it’s former glory and will try to replicate the gasket and refurbish the overpressure-valve.
Will look way better after that and also should be working 100% again after that, except from all the missing parts of course…

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