240Z Project

240Z: Turn signal switch refurbish & assembly

Since there is no out-of the box solution and not a single internet-thread on this topic i had a hard time completing this step and therefore the lack of updates. It seems just a turn signal switch assembly, but i spent several hours on this one to finally get a clean and well working result. And had to buy several stuff while doing it so that allways gave me a little break inbetween. Anyhow here is how i went:
After four attempts i managed to remove one of the four plastic handles (the last one) which i had without braking it – success!!
P1160935 - Kopie

Cleaned the switching lever with some scotch and brite pads and you can see the copper where the corrosion started:
P1160937 - Kopie

Painted it with some gloss black rattle-can spray:
P1160939 - Kopie

But was disapointed by the result, so i removed the paint and sprayed it again:
P1160941 - Kopie

This time the result was much better. Time to assemble things again:
P1160942 - Kopie

Wire and positive pole back in:
P1160945 - Kopie

Bought this plastic polishing / Scratch remover stuff and cleaned the plastic knob:
P1160944 - Kopie

Not perfect but much better than before:P1160946 - Kopie

Wasn’t able to find anything near the original brass thinky to mount the handle back into the base so i got a little inventive and used brass nails istead. Looks like OEM, fits perfect and is more stable than the original design:P1160936 - Kopie

And than the rest of the parts came back together:        P1160949 - Kopie P1160951 - Kopie P1160953 - Kopie

Final result. only need to connect the wires back together. but otherwise super happy with the result:P1160955 - Kopie

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