240Z Project

240Z: Omori Gauge Test, ATI Gauge adapters

I’m currently planning my next steps, doing a lot of research and ordering small parts here and there to contiue with work. One of the things i wanted to do is to decide wether if i really want to go my planned route with adding 52mm Oldschool Omori Meter gauges to the interieur or sticking with the OEM 60mm gauges. I once ordered a nice 52mm Fuel gauge with the correct resistors for my Z so i will probably give it a try soon and decide if i search for more (now discontinued) Omori gauges or not. First i tested my gauge but that means i had to translate the Japanese only drawings:
P1160891 - Kopie

Then finally i was able to connect it to the 12VDC supply and check it out. the needle turns to max at the startup and lighting works so i guess it’s ok since it was never used in a car.
Really like the oldschool look and the fact i can rock some more authentic and oldschool parts in my Project.P1160892 - Kopie

To make them fit into the original 60mm housings, the internet had all kind of funky solutions ready, but none of them seemed to be as professional as i wanted it to be. So i ordered these ATI 60 to 52mm Gauge adapers made out of rubber. they look nice but i’m not sure yet if my plan will work out. will have look soon i guess.P1160956 - Kopie

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