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240Z: Dropped of hatch and Turn signal switch part II

Yeah it’s not like i’ve been not doing anything on the car lately but im corrently working on what is probably the most complicated assembly on the car and it needs a lot of time to figure out how to … Continue reading

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EK9: Out of Hibernation for 2016 season

Yeah nothing really big, but just wanted to say that i got my EK9 out of hibernation last weekend. Had the wheels pumped and made a short run outside. Man after all these years i still have big grins whenever … Continue reading

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240Z: Rear valance, corner valance and Wheel bearing parts arrived

Just got a Delivery from the great guys at MSA today. First of all a new rear weld-in valance: And a set of rear lower corner valances. They’re from a 280Z since none are made for the 240Z. All of … Continue reading

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240Z: Door back in for alignment, Blower motor reworked, new NOS parts

This post is going to be a little summary of the weeks happenings. I have some more good and bad news from the bodyshop first: The good thing: My Panelbeater yves put the door back in for aligment and thus … Continue reading

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240Z: Visit at the Bodyshop

Last friday i spent a visit at the Bodyshop. Mainly to bring him the Passenger side door so he could check fitment after he’s done with welding in that area (some parts may have moved a bit and need adjustment). … Continue reading

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240Z: “Honda” Blower upgrade Motor

One popular upgrade for the 240Z seems to be swapping out the lame Original Heater blower motor to the one coming from some 80ies or 90ies Honda. Unfortunately all the manuals i found for this swap mentioned a different Honda … Continue reading

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OTHERS: R-Performance and Beat’s Auto collection Visit

Today after work i dropped off my damaged and old Z-Wing at a Company called R-Performance. I know the owner, Marco since the old Honda-days and he’s a true expert when it comes to Glass-, carbon- or Kevlar fibers so … Continue reading

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240Z: Steering wheel switches refurbish pt II, Update from the bodyshop

Made some progress again 🙂 First i cleaned all the switches and buttons by hand so the white texture finally came back to life and is visibla again. worked surprisingly good with an old tooth brush and some dishwashing water … Continue reading

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