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240Z: BRIDE Histrix seat, Omori Meter Fuel Gauge, RS Watanabe Falcon Stickers arrived

Is it Christmas already? Well, feels so, because today i got a nice delivery with some super-rare parts from the land of the rising Sun again:
Forst the least important part: Some Oldschool Falcon racing stickers from RS Watanabe which will perfectly Fit my Falcon steering wheel 😀
P1120085 - Kopie

Then i Got a NOS Fuel 52mm gauge from the now out-of-business Omori Meter company. With the right resistance for S30Z Fuel sensor. Will use this one to figure out if it will fit into the Center gaues. if yes i’ll buy two others 😀P1120089 - Kopie

Like the Patina / wear on the original packaging 😀P1120091 - Kopie

And now the Highlight 😀 A Brand new NOS BRIDE Histrix seat. they’re so super rare that i’ve been looking for one since over two years and now found one on an occasion 😀 Brilliant quality. great design. just perfect. Maybe not really oldschool with that carbon shell but most people won’t even recognise and honestly it’s just the pure style and JDM-ness that made me want one of these for many years now 😀 Anyway, still need a second one 😛P1120093_1 - Kopie

P1120095 - Kopie


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