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FRIENDS: Fred’s Nissan 240RS Group B Rallye cars!

Today a racing driver from germany named Fred emailed me and asked me for a few parts for his Nissan / Datsun 240RS Group B Rallye cars. I was a bit curious and asked for more, so here we go. His FIRST of two 240RS was an ex semi-works-supported Safari rallye car which he found in Kenya and drives at rallyes, check it out here:
Now the second one he’s currently restoring is from the Group B era from UK / Ireland, check out the pictures. rare kind of stuff 🙂240rs20UB40

Think it’s seriously funny that the car once was sponsored by the famous pop/raggea band UB40 🙂
Hope to see / hear more from this car soon! Need to see it in real life once 🙂

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