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240Z / Garage: 240Z Banner / Flag

While browsing the web for a few nice deals, i stumbled upon something which finally arrived at my door today. A huge Datsun 240Z Banner / Flag with a nice Japanese theme, showing some Cherry blossoms and snowy montains along … Continue reading

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240Z: Niles Cigarette lighter with Thermometer

While strolling the webs for good parts deals i stumbled upon this:  A  Niles Cigarette lighter with a built-in Thermometer. It’s so useless and so japanese in a way, i couldn’t resist. It was only a few bucks and i … Continue reading

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240Z: Radiator surrounding Panel shroud

Today i got one of my ebay ad finds: The plastic radiator surrounding Panel / shroud. It’s a bit rough around the edges, has a lot of black paint stains, but overall it’s in great shape and the price was … Continue reading

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240Z: Grille test fit assembly & fine-tuning

So since i have all my parts for the grille now, i thought it’s time to puzzle them together. Here we got the single pieces: First test fir assembly (works nice with a cushion below). Looks a bit out of … Continue reading

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240Z: Origina Microfiches & User manual copy

Got some stuff today which i found lately for sale online. First a set of original Nissan Parts manual Microfiches from a German workshop liquidation. So it’s the european Parts manual. Unfortunately one page (body) is missing, but since i … Continue reading

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240Z: Grille Pieces By Cagedude

Well, the workload on the house / Garage / Workshop project finally slows down a bit, so i have a bit of time and a few bucks here and there to spend on my other, car related projects again. I … Continue reading

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HOUSE: The Garage / House / Workshop build progress

I Keep using the house project as an excuse to not post about car related stuff on this blog. but truth is the House / Garage / Workshop build has me completely comitted to it at the moment. It’s a … Continue reading

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FRIENDS: The Big Honda S2000 Parts delivery

Yesterday i posted this picture about a big Parts delivery from Japan for a friend with a Honda S2000. Since the interest was quite high, i guess you guys want to know what’s inside the boxes? Let’s start off with … Continue reading

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240Z: Nissan Sports and rallye Transmission Manual

On my task to update my transmission guide with some missing information and correct some wrong data (still need to get that done) i figured out there was a book called “Nissan Sports and Rallye Transmission Manual” from Nissan Japan. … Continue reading

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EK9: Photoshoot

I know, updates are a bit rare these days, mainly because of the garage/house/Workshop build, which has highest priority at the moment. Nevertheless, things are coming along nicely: But since you’re here for the cars, i thought i’d share some … Continue reading

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