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240Z: Various OEM reproduction stickers

Nothing big, but finally something car related again 🙂 I recently got contacted by a nice guy in Czechia who just made sets of OEM reproduction stickers for all those inspection and small supplier stickers which will need replacement when … Continue reading

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EVENT: 11. Annual Japaner old- & Youngtimer treffen Bleienbach 2019

The annual Japanese young and oldtimer meeting in Bleienbach (Switzerland) is still THE event to go if you’re into old japanese cars. I usually don’t promote any events, but this is one of the few rare events i try to … Continue reading

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240Z & FRIENDS: Parts shipment from Japan

This all started with a friend who was asking for my help to import some strut tower braces for an MX-5 for one of his friends. So i made an offer. Then he decided to add some small pieces for … Continue reading

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HOUSE: The Garage / House / Workshop build progress pt. 2

Currently i’m waiting for car parts from Japan and i don’t have much else to show you, so i thought it might be a good time for a much overdue update on the House / Garage / Workshop build. Here’s … Continue reading

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240Z: NOS splash guard panel

It seems like currently nice parts are looking for me, rather then i’m looking for them 🙂 But lets start at the beginning. The garage-build is coming along nicely, with temporary lighting now installed: With the House-build as a first … Continue reading

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240Z: FET Intake manifold disassembly

I haven’t got much to show you honestly. The House / Workshop / Garage build is coming along nicely and keeps me distracted from the car projects. And that for at least another 6 months. And the panelbeater is recovering … Continue reading

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240Z: Triple Mikuni Solex PHH S5 Carbs FTW!

I randomly seem to stumble on nice stuff by accident. I always dreamed about triple Mikunis for my Z, but i thought that in the current situation with the house project, work and other things going strong, i save them … Continue reading

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240Z: Grille pieces straightening II

While having all the grille pieces disassembled, i thought i better take advantage of it and straighten all the pieces before i have them zinc-plated. So i pulled out my best (nonexistant) panel-beater skills and hammered the parts as straight … Continue reading

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FOR SALE: Various 240Z / Fairlady Z Parts

I have various parts for sale, let me know if you’re interested. Some parts are for sale on ebay also… 1) JDM Only, Japanese Nissan Service announcement book “Introduction of the Fairlady Z”. Original Copy, Slight dirt on the surface, … Continue reading

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240Z: Front grille preparation

Upon closer inspection of the grille, i realized the already some rust has appeared at the places where matal rubs on metal: So i decided to better have all the non-aluminum pieces completely disassembled and zinc plated. That’s why i … Continue reading

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