240Z: Engine stripping and Garage cleanup

So with every day the small bits and pieces at the house are more and more finalized and slowly i start to have more time (and money) for the car again. I rather do one thing, but that right, instead of having 10 different projects at one time. So the car was a bit on hold over the last two years, but i really hope that i find more time now.
Before i start work, i decided i need to get a better overview of all the parts, so i went through all the boxes, labelled them (I will improve that) and made sure all parts are in the shelve and away from the shop floor. Picture does not show the finished state.
I also sold a big box to germany, which gave me some additional space on the shelve.

Then i decided to remove some “bolt-on” weight from the engine which is stored on the engine stand. Makes it look a bit better in the corner and avoiding me hurting myself while i move around itwhile working around the Lift. Before:

Alternator gone

Heater hoses off

Engine mount brackets off:

Oil filter off:

Oil pressure or temperature sensor (i guess) off:

Fan / Waterpump pulley off:

Nasty old water pump off:

And this is how it looked at the end. still ugly and dirty and greasy as what, but at least all the bolt-on parts are gone. since i don’t know yet when it will be rebuilt, i decided to keep it assembled together to protect it against damage or corrosion.

It was the first real work performed in the new garage and it’s so much better with proper lighting, all tools in reach, air pressure tools on hand, etc… took me probably two hours including all the shop cleaning, compared to maybe two weeks for the same work in the old garage….

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5 Responses to 240Z: Engine stripping and Garage cleanup

  1. Valentin says:


    Thanks for your blog it helps me a lot restoring my 240z.
    Did you managed to find paint (the original color)for your engine?



  2. Valentin says:

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    I was hoping you had an Europe friendly solution as i am located near you in France.
    ZMotorsport are not shipping outside US, and shipping is really expensive with Zcardepot.

    • If you still have the original paint on the engine, i recommend to just go to the paintshop and they can “read out” the original colour with a spectrum analyzer tool and then mix the new paint accurate.

  3. Valentin says:

    Thanks for the help.
    Waiting to read you.

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