240Z Project

240Z: The shell is back at home (temporary)

Last week i got a bit of an unexpected Phone call. My bodyshop got himself a personal project which he wants to finish and needs the space, so i had to get my car back to my home temporary.  So first i cleaned the whole garage and made sure it’s nice and tidy when the old lady comes to see it the first time 🙂

Went and picked up the car with the help of some nice guys from the road support team:

After a short ride home

The car now is in it’s new home:

That doesn’t mean the project is stopped or paused, though. I have some parts arriving over the next few days and i made myself a little to-do list and also got some tasks from the bodyshop to complete before it goes back. Im sure it will stay with me for a few months before panel beating starts again but im fine with that. It gives me the chance to have a closer look at some details:

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