OTHER: The GT-R in front of my Office place

I’m not a big fan of Car-spotters and i’m neither a big fan of modern Tuning styles, with super-low cars and flashy colours that are purely for show purpose. However lately i discovered that any now and then a GT-R is standing in front of the building where i work. And i guess the Car did what it was intended – it grabbed my attention šŸ™‚
Honestly it first looked like a widebody Liberty-walk car or something so i thought iĀ  grab my camera and have a closer look the next time it’s there. That was exactly what happened today.

Upon closer inspection it wasn’t a widebody car, but a tuned GT-R is rare enough in Switzerland, so i thought i’d give it a little feature anyway. (which i normally reserve for friends projects).

Aside from a grey-ish paint or Foil it appears to have an APR-Wing which seems legit, as these are now available with all the needed documents in Switzerland. Other than a few light Aero mods and nice work wheels, painted brake calipers and a few stickers and Speedhunters x Takata tow straps it seemed to be mostly stock. Except from some obvious lowering.

However, what made me a bit curious was the AMS Alpha9 Stickers. AMS Performance is the Company that makes crazy-horsepower GT-R’s both for street, strip and track.

A quick googling revealed the kit costs 24’000.- USD without import or installation. And this beeing switzerland it would cost some extra grand just for having it street legal too.
Also i wasn’t able to quick-find a company that sells this in switzerland with homologation, so it would be a lot of work (See my EK9) to get this street legal for a single-person. And it seems to be privately owned. To be honest i doubt this car is running an Alpha9 kit.

But then i don’t know the owner nor the car. If you’re the owner, please contact me, i’d really like to know more about the car and you. And then – who am i to blame? I was running cheap ass replica skunk2 and Mugen stickers on my Daily EJ9 in the early days šŸ™‚
Also big probs for owning a nicely executed car and running original Work wheels and not any replica wheels. The car looks great and is in really good shape!

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