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EK9: When problems solve them selves pt. II – Fresh paint

Lately problems on the EK9 seem to almost magically solve them selves 🙂
Like it happened with the windshield, another problem was solved again.
A few weeks back one of the huge Garage-door return- / Counterweight-springs burst (a previous owner had installed a wrong one) and the part that flew away left an ugly scratch mark on my rear bumper of my EK9, which was parked close to the spring in the garage:

I’ve wanted to repaint my rear bumper and rear lip already since long, because it had several scratches and paint-chips, and the rear lip had a bad fitment, but i thought it’s too expensive to have it well done and i will have some marks again soon anyway so i let it be.

Well – the good thing is the insurrance company of the lady we rent the house from had to pay for this damage above, and the extra-price to have the rest of the bumper done (since it’s removed anyway) wasn’t that big. I thought “let’s pay the few extra bucks from my own money” and had the complete rear bumper disassembled, re-painted (including the lip) and nicely assembled and aligned again.

Turns out it had a few problematic areas underneath as well from a mild previous accident (nothing bad) and they fixed that as well, and even did some touch-up on some paint-chips on the front lip.
Frash as fresh can. Super happy with the work- well done to all involved 🙂

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