OTHER: Colin Project Autolook Type A Reproduction seats available

If you’re into vintage classic Japanese Cars, then Colin Project is no new name to you. They’re well known for making many vintage wheels, but also things like the Datsun competition seat replicas and Kei-car stuff.
You also might remember that i bought a set of “Autolook Type B” Seats a while ago for my Datsun? (Also click the link to get some information about Autolook seats)
If you like the seats, then good news…

The “Type A” Seat by Autolook is back by Colin project now! It was shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 in Japan:

From what i can say it looks pretty close to the original item. colour choice, material look and even the autolook sticker is there.

Click here to go to the Colin project website and see the details. Now i only have to find out what kind of seat rails they use to install them in the car. Probably would be perfect for my seats too 🙂

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