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RACE: Hillclimb Bergrennen Oberhallau 2017

To be honest i’m not following motorsports too much of, but i love it and whenever the circus comes to town i try to get my dose of Ethanol fumes and the smell of burnt rubber for the year 🙂 The hillclimb of Oberhallau is part of various racing series which attend every year. As most of hillclimb its pretty dangerous and you find everything from amateur racers to full-on pro’s with unlimited budget and crazy cars.
I went there this past sunday and unfortunately i was a bit late to the party so it was a bit hard to get good photographing spots.
First i started at the starting point where normally crazy racecars are seen i was bit surprised to se this Renault alpine making a hell of a noise 🙂

right behind him was this Widebody Bavarian machine which is always a great sight:

followed bi an even more rare Bavarian machine:

And sticking with the bavarian theme, this was right behind the spectators place where there is always a little exhibition of cool cars, looks quite tame compared to the one above, but still a cool couple 🙂

One of the most unexpected machines was this one. quite sure it was not competitive but the gentleman driving it was having a blast i guess 🙂
Ibn case if you’re wondering it’s an “Talbot Darracq T150C” without fenders and stuff!

After that i wandered a bit around the paddock area to figure out ther were quite a few hondas competing this year, compared to last years:

This is ruedi Fuhrers CRX with K-series engine and all. Built by a small group of enthusiats. I was surprised how fast it was at the starting line to say at least!

I love how the pit area is basically just backyards, barns and streets of the local small farmers-village and free to everybody to wander around and talk to the mechanics, take a closer look at the cars and racers:

In between the race blocks there are always a few show laps and drifting is quite popular with the crowd so this GT-86 with a V8 and a lot of noise was a constant crowd plaser 🙂

One car i love to see every year is the Mazda 323 driven by an older gentleman. Not quite the easiest car to build a race-car off in switzerland 🙂

This toda Powered AE86 made me jump around a little. looked so clean and nice:

Also the specactors parking lot always hides a few specials and is worth a walk. How about this Celica classic?

You prefer it more modern? then the S15 Silvia wil suit you for sure 🙂

This dude was quite the surprise too. A Nissan Sunny GTi-R, which was RHD too so must be a legit import. quite cool 🙂

and then this one, needs no introduction i guess 🙂

It was a super nice day even if i wasn’t able to see it all. See the rest of the pictures in the gallery below.

Last i’d like to point out that this is probably one of the last pictures taken of 33 Year old Marcel Wittwer. Here he was returning from Stint 2 to the paddocks. Probably 1 hour later his life took a tragic end in stint 3, when he lost control over his Peugot 205, hit a tree and died immediately. The race was aborted after this accident for good reason.
I can only imagine how hard it is to loose a person, but from what i understoud at least he died happy, doing what he loved most.
All my condolences to the family and friends. Rest in Piece.

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