Atenza GJ / Mazda 6

ATENZA: Mazda recall (new trunk gate dampers)

Last week i got a phone call from my Dealer that i will recceive a letter from Mazda switzerland soon, telling me that i would get some free new trunk gate dampers, due to a recall. Read more about the recall here
I digged a bit deeper and it seems like supplier of the gas shocks “Showa” of Japan had a big batch of faulty dampers which they would replace for free. They were also installed on a series of Nissans and other cars.
So i went there and got a set of new dampers installed within 15minutes. Great service 🙂

Old ones:

No corrosion visible. I guess they just exchange all, even if many of them aren’t even affected:

New ones in:

Oh and after that i decided to give my car a proper and serious cleaning. Better pictures will follow 🙂

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