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RACE: The Bergrennen Oberhallau Hillclimb 2022

Due to my absence, covid and other shit, i havent’ been to the Bergrennen oberhallau in a few years. So i was especially excited to go again this year to this local mekka of motorsports. It seems like Japanese cars have become more common in the general hillclimb scene, but some have been around for years, like Ruedi Fuhrer’s F20 (S2000 Engine) Powered CRX:

In case of Honda, the usually strong going Integra DC2 group was completely absent this year, for whatever reason, instead there was a strong showing of EVO’s: 

But what i like most of this event us the mix of so many different groups. Within a few hours you can witness grassroots street legal Toyota yaris, and a few minutes later you can see an open-wheeler formula car

A special this year where show-laps in a LeMans LMP racecar, to demonstrate “alternative” or E-Fuels, which i thought was a nice touch…

On sunday there is also a Motorsport / Automotive themed Church service, where all engines remain silent, which is a bit of fun, a race-taxi service, helicopter transport service, and during the lunch break there is the Soapbox downhill race on the track, by the local school kids, which build quite impressive and inventinve soapbox cars and is always a huge crowd favourite:

The paddock is scattered throughout the whole village and you can easy get close to the cars, drivers and mechanics, and often you see nice support cars parked in the area too:

I really like the diversity of this event, the laidback attitude, the fun to get close to the cars in the paddocks

or just at the start line or next to the track istelf.

This year a few overall track records where scattered. The fastest lady ot the day was a local one her Subie Impreza. Nice one!

Feeling and hearing the sound of those racecars surely gave me some goosebumps. I’m really looking forward to be back again next year! Check the gallery below for some more photos:

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