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PLACES: EK9 delivery to Autolackprofis & Paintshop tour

One of the nicest guys in the “car scene”, if you want so, must be Rene. A car guy with real passion and much of unerstatement. I know him from the earlier days over at the Swiss Hondaholics forum, but his career has brought him from his dad paintshop to being one of the most recgarded high-end car paint shops in switzerland. I’ve promised h im a few times that i’ll bring him my Cars, and finally the stars aligned.
So after having my car up on the lift for a few final cheks before the seasons first rollout:

I took the car to a tour through crowded Zürich

And then finallyl ended at René Sahli Autolackierei. What once was a regular  good-quality paint shop is now a paintshop where he and his sister fully work on paintjobs and detailing work (incl ceramic coating and leather repairs) for collectors cars and some very expensive machinery, as well as special paintjobs for expensive custom guitars and the likes. If you have something fancy that needs a paintjob without compromise, he’s the man! And that’s quite obvoius when you enter the door and are greeted by an excellent all-original Ferrari Dino, sided by two more vintage ferraris in mid restauration.

When you go downstairs to the detailing area there is a not less valuable Mercedes and a Jaguar E-type.

In the backroom he hides his secret collection of Honda Old and Youngtimers. Here’s his road ready Honda S800 Roadster

Behind it is a complete S800 Coupe ready for some paint, which is documented to have belonged to Mr Soichiro Honda’s unofficial son!! Definitely something that adds a bit of value.
I forgot to take pictures out of excitement, but yeah, to the right you have a glimpse at his fully restomodded Honda CRX AS

Behind that you will find his personal Integra DC2 TypeR. Basically the big brother of my EK9. A lovely car which he owns since a while and i’m happy to see is still in his collection.

René is also the designated paintshop for my 240Z project, once that is ready and im sure my cars are in the best hands here. First of all Rene is a guy who understands quality and knows what a  high-end paintjob is. Secondly he is one of only a few who are still allowed to work with vintage Nitro-type paints, which – for me –  is some kind of medal of honour, third: he has a spot for the odd Japanese classic car, and last but not least: Anybody that has  his tools arranged like this immediately wins my heart.

I hope Renè sends me a few mid-progress photos, as he would usually do for his more high-end clients, but i guess in 2 weeks or so we’ll anyway have the final results in hand.
Thanks for taking your time to show us around and i’m excited to see you and the cars again soon. And already can’t wait to bring you my big project in a year or so…

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