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EVENT: Cagedude 5th anniversary meet & Open Workshop

This weekend my mate Stefan was celebrating the 5th anniversary of his “Cagedude” workshop. He’s one great fabricator, doing all kind of metalwork for race, street and show cars.
I didn’t really expect much. a bunch of people and cars and that’s it. But when i arrived the event was in full swing with much more than everybody expected ๐Ÿ™‚

Stefan got a nice selection of customer cars on site. like the “druft punisher” S-chassis with a V8 Hellcat engine!

Naturally stefan’s own cars where on display too, and i was happy to see some progress on his Yonmeri / 240K-GT project:

Of course i had to check out the workshop and fabricating area too. Meanwhile there is an extensive lineup of metal fabricating machinery!

And the collection of random JDM / Datsun / etc… Memorabilia in his office is beyond cool ๐Ÿ™‚

coming to Diecasts / hotwheels. This guy (Sorry, i forgot your name….!), which i already met a few weeks ago in Bleienbach was gifting me a nice car from his selfmade modified collection which he brought along.

Naturally i selected the EG6 civic to put in my EK9 and gave him a few bucks a thank you. Thanks a lot, sir! Outstanding work and such a nice person!

The visitor cars where great too, from this R35 GT-R

To a bit of S-Chassis love:

Up to my personal favourite: The AE86 Hachiroku Corolla:

Up to Davide’s latest toy: A Suzuki ignis, supercharged by Suzuki switzerland!

Speaking of Davide, he also brought a long a set of old, huge, nissan dealer stickers, which he gifted to me. Thanks a lot sor! I appreciate much!

Overall it was a great day, i met a lot of nice people and really enjoyed the friends, great cars, excellent food and great selection of japanese beverages! (Boss rainbow forest coffee is now my new favourite too :-D)

I hope this event repeats now every 5 years! Check the gallery below for more cars, people and general photos! And thanks again to stefan for this great event andย  hospitality!

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