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EVENT: Cars & Coffee Gossau

This weekend my Wife was off so i decided to enjoy the ending summer by taking out my EK9 for a spirited drive. However i wanted to have some sort of goal in mind to not just drive around pointlessly, so when the “Cars and coffee” event in Gossau popped up in facebook, i thought that makes a nice one-hour ride each way and i chose a slightly longer route through the countryside rather than boring Autobahn.

I arrived at roughly one o’ clock in the afternoon, when it was already in full swing, so i got to park slightly off-site of the main grouping of cars, but i didn’t really want to show off anyway but to just experience the event, cars and people.
I was greeted by these two Itasha R33 and Z34 nissans

On the opposite side there was a nice 300ZX Z32 and a S14.A silvia:

Next to a younger brother of my EK9 and the GR Yaris:

I also loved this T1 VW Bus:

To be honest, looking on the Coverage of other Cars & Coffee events around the globe, i expected much more cars of this kind.

Gentleman-racers which pull out their not-so-often seen cars and stop by for a coffee. But this beeing Eastern switzerland, i got remembered that here is the land of Subaru (Because Mountains and AWD) and generally more JDM-Land.

And obviously all the other Euro-machinery that always has a strong following over here. I don’t say it’s bad, i enjoyed them a lot, but generally i was hoping for a bit more diversity.

There were suprisingly many newer-generation Z’s around.

And luckily one was still able to have a look at one or two more exotic cars:

With this Lambo at the top end:

I was hoping for a bit more classics, and luckily there were two nice US-cars. like this chevy pickup:

And this GMC:

On may way home i saw dozens of beautiful and rare US-cars on the road and thought i missed them all, only to realizer there was a HUGE US-car show nearby, so most of them probably ended up there instead.
So i ended up looking mostly at Japanese cars, which is not too bad giving my interest in japanese cars.

This Miata had a nice vinyl wrap

And the GT86 next to it had a bit of a rarely seen Novidem supercharger setup:

It was also kind of funny to see some very 90ies tuner style cars like this (Rieger?) Opel astra with lambo doors and wh atever that threewhereler thing next to it was:

And later the day also this VW Corrado appeared:

Speaking of 90ies style. My buddy Davide shoped up in his funky and rare Suzuki Ignis Sport ZR2:

It has a very rare swiss dealer  option suprercharger kit, which he got restored a while ago. The car meanwhile also got a full rollcage and he plans to go full 90ies Need-for-speed underground style styling with tribal stickers and all, for funs sake.

Another favourite was this Lexus. just because it’s super beautiful to look at and somewhat rare over here:

What can i say? After chatting to davide and his friend and strolling around for an hour or so, i decided to leave homewards again and go for a swim in the hot weather:

Despite the many young car owners there were many older-than average spectators checking out the cars and having a beer along the whomping music. And it was generally quite relaxed and easy day out in the sun with people enjoying the day.
I have to admit it was very well organized and super professional, and the BBC butterbarcafe is definitely also worth a visit!

Overall a nice day, with slightly less gentleman-cars then expected, but still a nice selection of cars.

Oh, and i somehow even made it into the local newspaper with my EK9:

Check out the gallery below for all the pictures of the day (click to enlarge).


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