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EVENT: Japanclassic 2022 review & Gallery

It seems after 3 years of absence, people were really longing vor this event. We decided to go early this year to get a good spot at the main parking, but arriving only 30minuts after opening, already meant we had to park on the most far end. And according to the organizers it wa sthe biggest turnout ever. At the end, attendees even had to park in the public parking area and the entrance. WOW!

This maybe also has to do with the event no open from all the cars from year 1998 on later. So it was the first time my EK9 was allowed in officially too. and despite having to move to the far end, we got a nice parking spot in the corner:

I guess the day can’t get bad when the first thing you see at the entrance is a Calsonig livered R34? even though just beeing a GTT. It definitely gave a sign for the day. I’ve probably never seen so many skylines and RHD JDM cars in one place. see the gallery below for more.

First i went straight to the booth of my mate Stefan and another nice guy from  Japanese All Stars known as Daniel.

Stef, who owns a selection of Kyusha steel, brought his Laurel C30 out this time. His first classic build and one of my favourites. such a clean and classy build.

Daniel had his Starroad wheeled / grilled car on display next to the booth. lovely car too!

On the other side there was this rallye car replica 240Z which seems to get some rallye action from time to time.

Behind it, you would find Jerome’s beautiful 510 four door sedan, which recently got a brake upgrade 🙂

But before we go to my favourites. let’s talk about the elephant in the room: The lovely toyota 2000 GT. The most valuable japanese car and one of the most beautiful designs ever:

Rene, his wife and kids arrived in style in alltogether in three different toyota crowns:

This Truena AE86 waws one of my favourites. from colour choice to fitment. absolutely brilliant build!

The winner of my heart was definitely this Daihatsu charade with the bulls-eye window on the back and a proper stance. Rarity bonues too!

Slightly more agressive, but a fully unerrated car is the GTi-R. great machine!

This widebody civic has shown up many times in the past, but it was the first time to see it in real. quite the thing 🙂

My mate Hannes brought out his Pre-facelift DC5-R integra and i absolutely adore it!

One generation older is this DC2-R Integra with a JDM front-end conversion:

Another hero of mine was this guy with the yellow Honda side-car scooter thingy. Absolute style points 🙂

This butaketsu Laurel is definitely a rare and cool sight in switzerland too.

And this 510 wagon complete with vinyl roof and all made my day.

And lets not forget my favourite EK build of switzerland. this vey well executed complete package of a c-west kitted EK4.

As there were just too many cool cars and things to see at this event, i definitely missed a lot of cars. so forgive me for that.  but check out the gallery below to see many more!

Thanks go the organizers for the once-again lovely and laid back event. It’s for shure the one must-go event in the calendar of any japanese vintage lover and you definitely miss something if you don’t go there.

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