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RACE: 100 Years Bergrennen Oberhallau Hillclimb

Whenever possible, i try to go to the local Hillclimb race of Oberhallau. This year, i thought about skipping it, because it can get a bit repetitive. But then i learnt it will be extended to 3 days because of their 100 Years anniversary edition with lots of historic specials planned.

We arrived early on saturday morning under relatively nice weather and secured a nice front row spectator spot, while the training laps already had started.

It wasn’t long until the first bigger accident (no bigger casualties, lickily) caused a longer break

Which also forced the drivers mid-track to wait until the flags went green again:

After the track was fixed, fences got repaired, driver got a health-check and the car was transported away, the fun continued.
I like how you find a cool mix of cars at these events. from the legendary Opel (Vauxhall) kaddett C, 16V

To former DTM Race machines:

To Rallye machines (like this gassner motorsport evo from Urs flum):

To “formula” open wheelers and Le-mans prototype style “sports cars”:

To track special ferraris:

To your modified Toyota Yaris GR:

Everything is there. This year i was pleased to see an increasing number of female drivers on track,

Like local driver Vanessa Zenklusen in her CG8 Impreza:

Between the race-groups there were show laps, race-taxis

And the crowd favourite drivt-show:

This years anniversary also included a reminder that the race originally also was open for motorcycles and included historic race bikes like this One off Condor A50 Works machine from 1930!!

After the lunch brake, heavy rain started to pour down, so we decided to go to the lunch tent. Because of the anniversary, they had a nice display of legendary race cars, which competed and won the races in the past. And all of them were also driven on show-laps between the races. Many cars were displayed with historic photos, and were mostly driven by the original race drivers and constructors from back in the day. The first one being a Corolla AE86, definitely made my day:

Others included this homebuilt sportscar which was driven by his original elderly constructor. quite the machine:

Let’s not forget the local hera Fritz Erb in his legendary Kadett C:

After we got ourself some lunch and the rain got a bit easier, we went to the startline to check out the lack of tracktion on most of the cars, despite quickly switching to rain tires during the brake. unfortunately due to an car going off-piste again, the race was again stopped.

So we went to check out some of the cars in the paddocks. some cars being modified street cars like this Civic EE

Some silhoutte and tube-frame chassis:

And some high-end purpose built and engineered sports cars:

in the early afternoon the race got halted again and we were completely soaked in rain, so we decieded to leave early again. nevertheless, we’ve seen all cars racing once, we saw most of the cars close-up in the paddocks and had a lot of fun. The historic cars, motorcycles and exhibition was a nice touch of freshness to the day and we had  loads of fun and interesting things to see..
Check the below gallery too see many more cars of my favourites, with a little focus on japanese cars, of course:

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