240Z: Another visit at the Bodyshop

My Panelbeater asked for some Budget to continue his work, and since it’s really going on nicely lately i happily brought hime some of my savings 🙂 While there i had a look at the latest work, of course. You have to make sure you’re money is well invested 🙂p1180222-kopie

After inspecting the recently completed upper end of the rear he showed me a mock-up of the right side rear inner wheel wells and some problem areas. The tabco pieces really do not fit very well, but he will make them fit. I’ve seen worse 🙂p1180224-kopie

And while there he was preparing the door to fit them back to the car for future fitment testing of his work around the right side. You can see the thin line on the door? he noticed that little line (edge) was gone due to some previous repairs and straightened everything and made sure the thin line is back in t he door. Most people wouldn’t even notice.p1180226-kopie

And then he closed the holes of the original door mirrors, because i’ll go with fender mirrors 🙂p1180227-kopie

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