OTHER: 240Z Parts hunting :)

First a little disclaimer: Don’t ask me about this place, nor the parts you see in the coming pictures. I promised the owner not to tell anybody where the place is or who he is. He will sort through the parts in the upcoming months and eventually put them up for sale in well known online places.
Nevertheless. Here’s the story, because i felt i have to share it with you:

A while ago i contacted a guy which i bought some parts from online and figured out he has some more. Long story short – it seemed to be a nice guy and therefore my buddy stefan and i took a little road trip to visit said place.

What we saw there was literary shelves up on shelves full of old NOS parts for some old Datsuns. Like NOS L-Series cylinder heads:

NOS Door skins, chassis panels, body panels and so on:

Brand-spanking-new Euro-spec suspension:p1180208-kopie

Shelves full of small bits and pieces: p1180211-kopie

A selection of used doors:p1180213-kopie

And much more, like complete transmissions, engine blocks, Exhaust systems, Handling parts and tons of other cool stuff.p1180207-kopie

Again – as i said: Don’t ask me about the place, the owner or the parts. I won’t answer the question.  But maybe in future some of these parts will pop up for sale 🙂 Thanks to the owner for letting us have a look around. Always nice to see places like these and learn to know some like-minded enthusiast. Cheers 🙂

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