I’d like to thank all my kind readers, followers and supporters for another great year in the builds. Without your support and all your kind words, this would never have been possible! Looking forward to my next challengers, and still have a big project coming up soon 🙂 Merry christmas to all of you and a happy new year!

  • 240Z: New 5-speed Transmission parts arrived

    No big update, but today i got a phone call from the local Nissan dealership that my order had arrived, so i went there and picked up my order: All the refurbishment parts which ar still available at Nissan for the 5-speed FS5C71A 5-speed early type factory transmission. The order contained some oil seals, snap rings, Balls, springs and so on. still need a lot of parts and will order the rest elsewere. this was just the easy part of the whole thing 🙂

  • OTHER: 240Z Parts hunting :)

    First a little disclaimer: Don’t ask me about this place, nor the parts you see in the coming pictures. I promised the owner not to tell anybody where the place is or who he is. He will sort through the parts in the upcoming months and eventually put them up for sale in well known online places. Nevertheless. Here’s the story, because i felt i have to share it with you: A while ago i contacted a guy which i bought some parts from online and figured out he has some more. Long story short – it seemed to be a nice guy and therefore my buddy stefan and i…