OTHER: JDM Neighborhood

Every now and then i like to post about special japanese (not neccesarely “JDM”) cars i randomly snap around my area. When i was at my bodyshop i figured out there were some pretty funky cars in the backyard. I asked the bodyguy and he explained they belong to the next-door bodyshop guy which actually has collected a few other J-Tin cars but it seems he never completes these projects.

One of these carse beeing a Crown 4-door with what appears to be a rare column-shifter / Front bench-seats combination:

Next to it was this Honda accord: p1180123-kopie

Kind of rare to see Accord hatchbacks and aside from some rust and dents it seems to look quite nice:p1180122-kopie

Now the sadest of them all. Remember a few years ago when i discovered a Pair of skyline GT-S in my neighbour-town plus a Celica GT-Four? All of them beeing RHD Import cars and probably came due to the JDM-Hype. But it appears that non of them ever got registered. The GT-Four is still standing in front of the shop, the R32 gets driven with garage-plates regulary, but the R33 i lately discovered in their backyard, abandonned and in rough shape.

Paint is peeling off and rust appears on the hood, one mirror is broken off and Dust and moss is taking over the rear end. I know it’s not a GT-R but still i think thos car should have desired a better life than this. Makes me a bit sad to see skyline exported from their homeland just to end up like this…dsc_0826-kopie

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