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KNOWLEDGE: Datsun Colour code charts and color brochures

My Friend René (which is also the guy to paint my car once it’s ready) recently sent me a picture of an official Datsun colour code brochure, joking he’s preparing to paint my car 🙂 It is a Datsun UK color chart foldout brochure, and it was most probably issued in 1973
Datsun Colour chart 1 - Kopie

Update 2021:
My friend Daniel also got a copy from this very same 1973 UK colour chart and was nice enough to scan it for me. See link below for full High-resolution pdf for download.
Then myself also got an April 1974 version from the similar colour chart including the C110 Kenmary skyline and the 260Z (inclunding 2+2). See also link below:
1973 DATSUN Colour Chart UK www.JDMjunkies.ch
1974 DATSUN Colour Chart UK www.JDMjunkies.ch

Update Jan. 2022:
I just found this Datsun UK Color Chart from October 1971 and of course i had to get it.
Click link below for full high-resolution download of the full brochure with all listed cars on the cover:
1971.10 DATSUN UK Colour chart www.JDMjunkies.ch

I also found this slightly different british Colour chart from June 1972 for sale on Ebay UK. Onfortunately i was not able to get it, so all i have are those photos for reference:

My friend Daniel also also directed my towards this american colour chart for sale on ebay. it seems to be an official Datsun Color “Lookbook”. Unfortunately also only pictures and no scan.

Its for various cars from the lineup. I didn’t buy it because the price was extraordinary and it didn’t include the 240Z. but it’s such a cool and rare item, i just had to share the pictures here (Pictures taken from the ebay ad):

It constists of a transparent shape of each car in the lineup. and then all the colour options as a sheet behind, so you can have the car of your choice with the colour of your choice to look at. pretty neat 🙂

Oh and then i once got a batch of european Datsun / Nissan Colour code charts for various cars together with a load of other documents. Check the links below the picture for full high-resolution pdf downloads:

Datsun Patrol Color Chart for Europe (JDMjunkies.ch)
Datsun Pickup Color Chart for Europe (JDMjunkies.ch)
Datsun Vanette Color Chart (JDMjunkies.ch)
Nissan Cabstar & Atlas Color Chart (JDMjunkies.ch)
Nissan Urvan Color Chart for Europe (JDMjunkies.ch)
Nissan Vanette Color Chart (JDMjunkies.ch)

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