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FRIENDS: Stefans Yonmeri C110 Project update

My buddy Stefan recently finished his Laurel C30 Project, so work on his highly awaited C110 “Yonmeri” skyline four-door sedan project started. Check out regular updates on his Facebook page:
Here a little summary of the recent updates: First the car got stripped completely:
14523038_1280272768703004_2548170138559664499_n 14581440_1280272772036337_4105790222822347687_n 14581523_1280272825369665_8271703115422887722_n

Tar mats and sound deadening stuff got removed using the classic dry-ice method. Compared to my rusty shell this car looks quite solid:
14449007_1271982812865333_7616019196696428926_n 14462772_1271982786198669_3440627471297507965_n

And then he put it in the rotisserie to remove the final bolts and bits.

This makes me happy. He once built the rotisserie for my Z-Project and this piece of metal is the reason we know each other and i guess meanwhile a great friendship evolved based on this rotisserie. Kind of happy that it’s back at the builder and gets used in another great project 🙂14718632_1298082216922059_1725568181100689970_n

Recently he also visited Japan and picked up some nice NOS parts at spirit garage and Kameari.14233089_1261057230624558_9146338688299050251_n 14330124_1261059123957702_4008468196121868477_n

Hope to see more updates soon – keep on the great work, buddy 🙂

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