Atenza GJ / Mazda 6,  Friend's projects

ATENZA / FRIENDS: Emblems / Stickers / Wheel parts delivery

I always thought the Japanese “Atenza” name is way cooler than the european “Mazda 6”design_2nd-row_img3.ts.1503040225174530 - Kopie

So when making the big datsun order in Japan a few weeks ago i decided to throw in the JDM badge as well 🙂
P1170741 - Kopie

And since i plan to update the car with some simple mazdaspeed parts whenever funds allow me i decided to throw in a bunch of mazdaspeed stickers as well, since they are not available here: P1170739 - Kopie

and then i helped a buddy of mine who bought a set of RAYS wheels from japan for his project (more on that soon i guess) with some brand new Volk racing parts to refurbish his old wheels. From left to right: European air valves, Center caps, Wheel refurbishing stickers and some duraluminum Lug nuts at the bottom. Nice stuff and i’m sure the wheels will look awesome and like-new when done.  P1170750 - Kopie

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