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FRIENDS: Kris’ S30 twin turbo & Patricks RX-8 builds

Most People who modify their cars in switzerland do it to pose on the streets, at the local gas station waterhole or at the meets and shows. The goal there is to be as much recognizable as possible. I prefer the opposite. People with real passion for techonoligy and maybe a bit of history. People who don’t want to show off, but instead learn something during the process, and build something just for themselves. Especially when the project is crazy.
I’ve told you about Krisztian and his friends a few times. This saturday i had to return a few carboy magazines, which he friendly gave me on loan and a pack of beers to thank him for that. And of course i had to check out their projects. Only Kris and Patrick were on site, but there are some other nice projects hiding in the surrounding garage boxes.

1) Krisztians Twin turbo S30Z.
I know Kris since a while now and every now and then our paths cross.
He is working on his Z almost as long as i work on mine. The only difference. he has some steady progress, compared to me and his goal is to create a crazy “what if” build.

The most hardcore “Street” setup, that probably some insane japanese during the 80ies turbo crazy era would  have come up with. Welcome to the street legal twin turbo S30Z project:

Cheap original Nissan L20 turbo’s before refurbishment:

The chassis is quite ready. It includes some parts from my first 240Z chassis:

What i love about Kris and his sproject is the knowledge involved in it. He just didn’t buy off-the-shelve bolt on parts, but made a very refined setup based on research, vintage parts and custom made components. Things made from used parts like old road signs (no joke) up to the latest state-of the art 3D printed prototypes. He and his buddy Patrick even went as far as building their own oven for carbon fiber molding and it looks like Kris plans to have his own own intake manifold made from Cast aluminum by an external company. I mean how great is that?

I really want to see and hear this beast on the road at one point. this is definitely going to be one rare and wild build when it’s done…

2) Patricks RX-8 SE3P Project.
I dont remember the whole backstory, but as it goes a small fine-tuning quickly escalated in a complete rebuild.

Patrick once bought a full Mazdaspeed Bodykit for the RX-8 from me and i’m proud it’s still in his hands. allthough currently hanging from the roof, to be installed again on the car.

Plans include a sequential gearbox, engine modifications, a carbon roof re-skin (which included a second car to chop up the roof, just to be able to make a mold for the carbon fiber!), custom made steering rack (see 3D printed prototype assembly below), and plenty more of mechanical surgery and basically a comploete change of most of the engine bolt-ons…

And then maybe some self-made carbon fiber here and there. This is not about adding a bodykit, wheels and some flashy stickers, but a serious rebuild that only enthusiasts would even recognize. My type of stuff.

I wish i had more time to spend with them, but it was definitely a joy to do a bit of car-talks and meet some real enthusiasts.

At least Kris now got a website (still in the making), so i can follow his project every now and then. Keep up the great work guys and i hope to be able to visit you again soon.

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